"This is one extraordinarily powerful book. I can't remember when a book had such a profound effect on me.... JaneInside is a book with a message and one that won't leave me for quite sometime".

"...It was wonderful to read because I think it really makes you realise not just how you feel as a 14 or 13 year old, which is a really tough time, but why you feel like that..."

"Essential reading for parents and teenagers. This book will save lives."

"Rating: 5/5 Crowns - On Fire!! "This is a must read for all ages... It's raw and it's real... Read This!"

"... It was real, and it was full on and it was exactly what teenagers go through. I was surprised at how Jane could tell her story, and get a book that is perfect for teenagers. I recommend it to both teenagers and parents, so you can see this is a normal teenagers life..."

"... An incredibly personal look at Jane's life as a teenager, which could help you as a parent or you as a teenager."
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